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I’ve never been a fan of writing a bio for myself. They always seem to end up way too formal and never properly encompass the unique qualities I bring to my profession. I often think to myself, “c’mon Holly! You’re a writer! This shouldn’t be so difficult!” But it truly is. I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t like the spotlight.

If you’ve made it to my web page, chances are you know I’m a doula, childbirth educator, and all-around birth nerd. I am a certified birth doula through Birth Arts International, postpartum doula through DONA International, Certified Lactation Counselor, and I am also a co-founder of the Birth Languages method for childbirth education. I have attended more than 50 births as a doula and have over ten years of experience in postpartum care. It brings me such joy to support families in Loudoun County, Washington, DC, and the greater Northern Virginia area.

But what makes me special? In an area pregnant with birth workers (see what I did there?), why should you hire me? It’s simple: I love what I do, and it shows. From the time you hire me to our last postpartum visit, I make it my purpose to help you achieve a satisfying birth experience. I am a natural-born caregiver. I have often been told by my clients that I have a “mother’s touch.” I offer the same care and love in supporting you through your contractions as I do when comforting my children. I am there to support you and your partner, however that may look. The birth of a child is a transformative experience in the life of a family. I want to make sure that transformation is beautiful and full of love and warmth. I want you to look back on your birth experience with satisfaction.

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“Holly was a HUGE help to me as my doula during my labor process. She worked to support me physically and emotionally in every way possible during a very difficult labor – my husband and I both commented afterwards that hiring her was the best thing I could have done – she was a great blessing and I was so glad to have her by my side!”

~J. Ghazanfari


  • Experience. I have attended over 50 births as a doula and have given birth to and raised four children of my own. I have over ten years experience in postpartum care and support.
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and Infant CPR Certified. I am able to lend a helping hand in the event of an emergency.
  • Rebozo Certified. I use this magical piece of fabric to help you and your partner feel supported, comforted, and loved during labor and the postpartum period.
  • Knowledge. I am a trained and certified childbirth educator and I have developed a childbirth education curriculum I’d love to share with you.
  • Protection. As your doula, I will not only do all I can to help you and your partner manage the discomfort of labor, I will also protect your birth space and help you to relish in your postpartum time.

Areas Served

I am proud to serve families giving birth at home in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties and Washington, DC. I also serve families delivering at Inova Loudoun, Inova Fairfax, Inova Fair Oaks, Inova Alexandria, George Washington University Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and Sibley Memorial. I also attend births at Nova Natural Birth Center and BirthCare and Women’s Health.

Don’t see your location listed? Ask! I’d be happy to work something out with you!