Planning to breastfeed?

You want to breastfeed your baby, but you’re very nervous and don’t know what to expect. Your best friend may have had issues with milk supply or with getting her baby to latch on, and you’re afraid this may happen to you, too. You’ve heard that breastfeeding gives babies a wonderful start in life, but you have no idea where to begin.

As a postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor, with a combined total of almost nine years breastfeeding experience, I can support, educate, and encourage a nursing mother and her family. The best way to get your breastfeeding journey off to a great start is through education and support, and I can provide both! Lactation counselors can:

  • Meet with you during your pregnancy to discuss breastfeeding goals and concerns.
  • Visit with you in the hospital to address any immediate issues.
  • Make the necesssary referrals for any issues that may require outside help.
  • Comfort and support your entire family on this journey.
  • Diagnose and help correct any latch issues.
  • Assist with proper positioning.
  • Educate on the benefits and challenges breastfeeding families face.
Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby, and the earth.Pamela K. Wiggins

What are your options?

Prenatal Consultation

Approximately one hour in length, this visit is designed to address any questions or concerns you and your partner may have about breastfeeding. We will also discuss common mistakes and problems that may occur the first few days home with the new baby. Cost is $75.

Postpartum Breastfeeding Consultation

One of the best and most convenient ways to correct any breastfeeding issues you may be experiencing is by having an in-home consultation with a lactation counselor. The visit is approximately 1.5-2 hours, and will include an evaluation of your feeding techniques to correct any issues with latch or positioning, a care plan to help heal any breast damage or trauma, a report for your health care provider, if requested, and a follow-up care plan for the following weeks. Can be scheduled with a minimum of two hours notice. Cost is $150.

Postpartum Hospital Visit

The first few hours postpartum are crucial for getting breastfeeding off to a great start! I can visit with you in the hospital (during visiting hours) to discuss your needs and concerns. I can answer any questions you may have and assist you with positioning, latch, etc. I will also follow-up with you once you return home from the hospital to see how things are going and offer any suggestions I may have, if necessary. Cost is $200.