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If you’ve gotten to this page, chances are you know what a doula is and why you should hire one. So, I won’t bore you with that. But the question still remains, why should I hire you? There are plenty of wonderful doulas in the Northern Virginia area, what makes you so special? I love what I do, and that love is evident each and every time I support a laboring mother through her labor and postpartum. When you call me in active labor and request my presence, I will arrive ready to support you for the duration of your labor and delivery. I will assist you with comfort measures, position changes, and bathroom breaks. When it comes time to push, I will support you physically and emotionally and guide you to find the most efficient and comfortable position possible. I remain with you for two hours after your birth to assist with nursing, to answer any questions you may have, and help get you on the right path to healing. In the event of a C-section, I will be there to answer any questions and to help you process the event. I will remain at the hospital until after the surgery and will support you in recovery as soon as you are able. I visit with you again twice during your postpartum period to assess your healing process, answer questions, and discuss your birth with you and let you know what a rock star you were through it all. I am available to you for six weeks postpartum via phone, text, or email to answer any questions you may have and to support you in any way you may need. It would be my honor to support you and your family on this journey. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your sixth, I’m here for you every step of the way.

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