Are you ready for your Beautiful Beginning?

You’re newly pregnant for the first time. You’re excited, nervous, scared, and a little worried. How will I handle pregnancy? Will my baby be okay? Do I want an unmedicated birth? What about breastfeeding?


You’re in the third trimester of your second pregnancy. Your first birth didn’t go as you had hoped. You know you want to do things differently this time, but you’re not sure where to start. Can I cope with being a mother to two children? Will I be able to breastfeed this time around? Can my body handle a VBAC?

I can help you!

Package Offerings



  • Unlimited phone, text, and email contact from date of hire
  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy
  • One prenatal home visit to discuss your expectations, fears, etc.
  • Initial breastfeeding support immediately after birth
  • One comprehensive home postpartum visit
  • Unlimited text, email, and phone support for up to six weeks postpartum

Motherhood Transformation


  • Basic Birth Doula Package, plus:
  • One additional prenatal visit where we will discuss and practice comfort techniques and labor positions
  • A comprehensive lactation counseling session (prenatal or postpartum)
Prices are subject to change. Payment plans available upon request.
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Holly is the embodiment of what a doula is and should be.
D. Lidke-Prow