Why choose my placenta services?

  • Experience and expertise. I am a capable, confident, and knowledgeable professional.
  • Broad knowledge base. I am continually learning and researching in the field of placentophagy.
  • My sanitation and cleanliness protocols are second to none. Your safety is my primary concern.
  • I have several options to meet your encapsulation needs. If it’s not offered in one of my packages, please ask!
  • I am passionate about serving you and making your postpartum period one of joy and love.

Package Offerings



  • Capsules
  • Cord keepsake
  • Detailed guide to placenta capsules and postpartum recovery
  • Your choice of preparation method
  • Delivery within 48 hours



  • Our Basic package plus:
  • 4 oz placenta tincture
  • Placenta print

*Birth and postpartum clients receive a 10% discount off any placenta services.

A La Carte Items and Services

Made from a walnut sized piece of raw placenta. It is cut into small pieces, put into a 4 oz. dropper bottle filled with 100 proof clear alcohol, and allowed to age for six weeks. Tincture can be used at any time the mother feels a hormonal imbalance. Can also be used by the daughter of the birthing mother during puberty to help calm hormones during that unsteady time.
A unique piece of art made from your placenta. A wonderful keepsake that displays the size and shape of the placenta and serves as a reminder of how this powerful organ nourished your baby during your pregnancy.
Made from herbs such as shepherds purse and comfrey leaf, this herbal bath helps promote healing and comfort during the postpartum period. Safe for mother’s healing perineum and for baby’s sensitive skin as well. Can also aid in umbilical cord care.
Made with organic oils and body butters that promote healing and comfort.
Made with the highest quality ingredients, including organic beeswax, coconut oil, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Can be used for Cesarean incision healing, diaper balm, cuts, scrapes, etc. It’s magical!

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